Willem Dirk Gebuys (1957)

Willem Gebuys

Born in Rotterdam developed an early passion for music especially with string instruments. The mandolin of his sister Martha, found in the attic when he was nine years old, was his first victim. William demolished and again made it playable not realising at that moment that this was the first step towards a life as a luthier and music instrument repairman.

His Training (1970) as a cabinetmaker was a logical choice and it was converted into all his own guitars. When not accompanied by teachers, you had to get all the information itself somewhere and try to understand it and apply it to your passion.

Of course playing the guitar is just as interesting as the repair work and Willem ended up immersing in his teenage years in music, with mates John Roos, Nico de Vos and John IJzelenberg, founding the Band “Spot the Looney”, while also starting the eponymous first youth café of the same name with partner Kees Arons in the South of Rotterdam.

Meanwhile, along comes the love of his life, and his life as a musician was exchanged for the profession of a family man. So he began to build guitars in the attic of his former home. In that time also he met Koos Rijsdijk, the former repairman of music shop “Saris” in Rotterdam, and with taking over Koos his position as repairman, began his career as a luthier.

The first workshop took shape in a nice old building at the Maashaven where the first five-string basses and guitars were developed and build, after several years housed there, he moved to the location on the Groenezoom Rotterdam -Vreewijk and later on moved to the current address at Zuid-Beijerland.