A stringed instrument needs maintenance; it starts with the change of the seasons, think of the influence of dry areas where you put your instrument, or in the summer in hot weather with high humidity, the instrument responds to these changes and requires at least a adjustment turn. The adjustment turn can be found in our price list.

An instrument will damage or sometimes breaks down due to wear and tear from constant use. Our repair list outlines the most common repairs; the application of the instrument is in agreement with the customer, on the basis of the repair table where the prices are fixed. If after the commencement work shows, that the price does not correspond to the standard repairs, for example by hidden defects, further solutions will be offered in consultation with the client.

Double Bass Repairs
We also provide double bass repairs, please contact us, and see our price list.

Personal modifications (customizing)
For the P.M. of your instrument you may of course also contact us. For example, an extra pickup, removing the frets to create a fretless bass guitar, or chamfering the heel of the body (cant planning), (body/neck attachment) for better enhanced playability up to the neck. A few of the many possibilities and a number of standard procedures can be found in our price list.

Damage Report
If you have damage to your instrument, and requires the insurance for a damage report or market value / replacement value indication, this too we provide.