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Adjustment work
Repair price list per 1 January 2020 
Adjusting acoustic and electric Excl. strings s.f.€45
Adjusting guitar with Tremolo Excl. strings s.f.€60
Topnut or Bridge saddle replaced (bone) incl. topnut/bridge saddle and adjustment€70
Replace tremolo, Fender type incl. adjustment excl. Tremolo€80
Tremolo contour routing, Fender type incl adjustment Excl. Tremolo€160
Locknut mounting, incl. adjustment, Excl. locknut s.f.€80
Tremolo routing and assemble, Floyd Rose type incl. locknut incl. Adjustment€160
Fingerboard work
Repair price list per 1 January 2020 
Fret leveling, re-crowning, polishing and adjustmentExcl. Strings€145
Fingerboard leveling (possible damage update) s.f.€45
Fingerboard leveling fretless (possible damage update) incl.adjustment s.f.€80
Refretting incl. Fretwire and adjustment€180
Refretting incl. Fretwire and adjustment with tremolo€200
Refretting incl. Fretwire and adjustment with binding€220
Refretting incl. Fretwire and adjustment with binding and tremolo€240
Fret remove Bass guitar, fretless fingerboard, leveling, indication strips inlay instead of frets€220
Fingerboard damage repair s.f.€45
Replacing binding, excl.binding and lacquers s.f.€80
Fingerboard replacement, excl. Fingerboard s.f.€160
Other repairs
Repair price list per 1 January 2020 
New bridge Placing (acoustic guitar) excl. Bridge and incl.adjustment s.f. €80
Cracks glueing s.f.€45
Machine-heads replace excl. Machine-heads and adjustment€30
Fractions head / neck repair excl. Varnishes and adjustment s.f.€160
Bridge replacement excl. Bridge and adjustment s.f.€45
Bridge mounting with studs, excl. bridge and adjustment€60
Straplocks assemble ( Dunlop drilling-in system)€30
Chamfering heel of the body, (body/neck attachment) better enhanced playability excl.Updating lacquer €45
Pickguard replacing excl. Pickguard€45
Pickguard manufacture own style pickguard)€60
Neck Slack incl. adjustment€60
Pickup notch Routing excl. Assembling and adjustment pickup€60
Electronics notch Routing excl. Assembling and electronics€60
Battery notch Routing s.f.€60
Repair price list per 1 January 2020 
Electronic check s.f. €20
Piezo pickup installation excl. Pickup s.f.€45
Piezo pickup with preamp installation excl. PP and preamplifier s.f.€80
Pre-amp installation s.f.€60
pickup replacement or adding excl. Routing€45
Impregnation pickup (wax, against feedback)€30
Humbucker modification for single coil / serial parallel circuit€60
Pots replacement excl. Pots s.f.€30
New wiring€45
Installing shield + shielded wire s.f.€45
Pickup rewinding per coil s.f.€60
Double bass repairs
Repair price list per 1 January 2020 
Adjusting s.f.€60
New nut incl. nut and adjustment€100
New bridge cutting incl. adjustment + bridge€150
Stack setting€30
Stack cutting / setting€80
Tailpiece cable replacement€45
Tailpiece synthetic replacement incl. Tailpiece and adjustment€100
Tailpiece, ebony replacement incl. Tailpiece and adjustment€180
Fingerboard leveling incl. Adjustment s.f.€180
Fingerboard glueing incl. Adjustment s.f.€180
New Fingerboard incl. Setting up and adjusting s.f.€440
Wilson pickup mounting excl. Pickup€160
Underwood pickup mounting excl. Pickup s.f.€120
Repair price list per 1 January 2020
Prices including removing old paint
Neck lacquers, transparent matt
Neck transparent gloss
Neck transparent lacquer gloss
Neck lacquers color
Neck lacquers sunburst
Fingerboard lacquers eg. (Maple or rose)
Body clear varnish
Body lacquers color
Body lacquers sunburst